Grab Life by the Mane!
We're selecting one business plan,
that we'll be donating $5,000 in cash
and $5,000 of in-kind support.
In '22, Nine North Wine Co is taking the story behind our Chasing Lions wines to the next level. As wine entrepreneurs, and two kids raised on the farm, the Chasing Lions story resonates deeply with founders of Nine North Wine Co, Chris & Elijah. Conjuring up great memories and reminding us why we struck out on this crazy wine-life journey.
I had the pleasure and honor of growing up in a multi-generational farming family. In 1874 at the age of five I began the follow my grandfather every day on the family farm as the tended to his Ranch. Over the years he taught me a lot about farming but more importantly - about life. Then one day in my late teens he told me it was time to get off the ranch and "go chase lions". I never asked him what he meant by that, because something inside me already knew. It's been over 20 years now since he passed and I have been chasing lions ever since. Grab life by the mane.
This will be our inaugural year of presenting the "Chasing Lions, Grab Life by the Mane, Entrepreneurship Challenge". Inspired by the Chasing Lions story and our own journey as wine entrepreneurs, we're giving back to individuals who are working towards their own business success and dreams. For those who are inspired by crazy ideas of striking out on your own, we support you.
We'll be reviewing selections and making an announcement by August 31st 2022.